1969:  Memphis, TN / Savannah, TN 

1976: 1st motorcycle (Honda Z50 MiniTrail)

1980: 2nd motorcycle (Kawasaki KE100)

1981:  Nashville, TN

1982 : Race BMX / join wrestling team

1984: 1st camera (Canon AE-1)

1985: 1st darkroom, 1st drumkit, 1st band

1987: 1st and only diploma

1988: 1st bartending job, pizza delivery job, U2 Joshua Tree concert (2nd row)

1989:  photo internship (I learned to mop floors very well)

1991:  Los Angeles, CA: photo-assistant (Harrison Ford makes me coffee)

1992:  1st MTB, 1st surfboard, 1st riots, fires, earthquakes & mudslides

1997:  Nashville, TN;  hit the ground running

1998: First grown-up motorcycle (Ducati Monster 750)

1999: directed Dolly Parton in a love scene

2000: 1st ride across America (Ducati 748)

2001: World shifts after meal at French Laundry

2002:  Los Angeles, CA;  photography passion is re-kindled (again)

2003:  Nashville, TN;  hit the ground running (again)

2006:  Opened production company:  Red House Prod.

2007:  Married WAY out of my league (how did I get that lucky!?)

2010:  Opened commercial rental studio/facility: CRAFT Studio

2012:  Seattle, WA / Brooklyn, NY;  Amazon (Global Imaging leadership)

2015:  Nashville, TN / Portland, OR;   NIKE (Photo leadership)

2016:  Nashville, TN;  formed PhotoCoach.us

2017:  Nashville, TN:  launched STAY Home Furnishings and Details

2018: Present my STAY designs at Paris Design Week, move to San Francisco, CA

2019:  Silicon Valley: Dive in deep … stay-tuned