The colliding of two worlds, or perhaps a creative outlet born out of necessity; one of those is a good way to describe my furniture designs and the beginnings of STAY Home Furnishing & Details.

For our last couple homes I'd designed our dining room/kitchen tables when there was nothing on the market that seemed "right" to us. The process of designing and building the pieces was always fun, and the tables always received compliments when guests were over. Each time we sold one of those homes, the buyers stipulated the dining table staying in the house was part of the deal. I would again take that as a compliment and would use the request as small leverage in the negotiations.

Jump-cut to our move to Brooklyn; My leadership role at the Williamsburg studio turned me into a "spreadsheet-guy" and I needed a creative outlet. Couple that with the fact we had a new apartment to furnish, and I began to lean into that pastime a bit more. And, I was having fun doing it. This was also the time I was discovering master craftspeople/designers like Tyler Hays and spending far too much time on the weekends wandering around ABC Home & Carpet just off Union Square.

Once relocated to Nashville I began to meet local and regional craftspeople, product designers, architects, furniture makers and artisans from other diverse disciplines. After only a few months I was collaborating on a small personal projects and gauging reactions to the prototypes. The private feedback was positive, but more importantly I was getting a good amount of personal fulfillment out of both the process and the final pieces.

Now, after large investments of time, funds and family equity (thanks babe!), even building a new studio at our home to work on prototypes, the result is STAY Home Furnishing & Details. We launched in March of 2017 and it seems the education has only begun. Check out the site, and be sure to sign-up for the STAY mailing list!